Solve It Together aims to bridge the gap between Parents & Children

Priyanka Gupta

Our society is still not open to the children and their curious questions. Our family members might not always have a compassionate ear; someone who would listen to them, they might not have a sturdy shoulder to lean on and cry and share and sometimes, you might even not have achieved success in being a guiding force which they needed. Despite a thriving market of double meaning and non-veg jokes, violent and pornographic videos, sex and children’s mental health is still a taboo, and its discussion is still off limits in homes and society. Parents still hesitate to speak to their children about sex and schools are reticent about introducing sex education in their curriculum.

This scenario of Indian society should get change and Solve It Together, a Hyderabad based NGO aspire to build a platform for enhancing communications, building better relations, and creating a sensitized initiative towards fellow humans.

We initiated the idea of Solve It Together with the mission to partner parents and children with their emotional & communication equations, generate awareness and induce a sensitive culture of looking at issues. “It is a serious concern for society that our youngsters are remaining detached from the dear ones who have raised them. The youngsters are becoming independent yet losing on the sensitivity to relations. Incoming foreign culture, easy accessibility to various websites, content overload on smartphones, trending peer patterns, social media influence is building the gap between relations. Lack of monitoring, minimal interference and mature education further enhances these sensitive issues.

“The recent cultural developments and alarming social trends encouraged her further to bring one comprehensive solution in the form of SOLVE IT TOGETHER,” says Priyanka Gupta, Founder of Solve It Together.

Solve it together is a novel approach towards bringing a better approach to issues arising around broken communications, interrupted relations and social unawareness. Call them a channel, a funnel or a bridge, they are here to eliminate the fine gaps that need to be healed and not left to fester.

“We believe in communicating and communicating in the right manner. Often issues emerge and stagnate on communication front often issues emerge due to communication gap in a grown-up and growing generation/parents and kids/teachers and students/societies leaders and society.  Our role is to ease the communication, bring in the missing element, revive and restore relations, to new beginnings”, says team members of Solve It Together.

Solve it together conducting events and seminars in all the parts of India with the vison to bring the change in needy human lives by attending to issues on a solitary as well as on mass basis. Till now, SIT team has conducted more than 20 events in Ahmedabad, Surat, Hyderabad, Amravati and other places from their inception in May 2018. “We have solved 5 complicated case of children”. Our strength lies in our dedicated approach for each case.  We do not believe in doing things through a conventional approach. Empathy, compassion, and persistence are the virtues, we practice. An unbiased approach in the interest of parents/individual/corporates/schools/colleges has been our way to bring solutions,” says Priyanka Gupta.

Solve it Together building a network of volunteers across the India and they are inviting young and ambitious youth to come forward and join their team. They are also looking for corporate companies and responsible individuals to contribute in their Nobel cause.

The website is also public funded and was built from the Charity amount.

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