Journey towards being an Effective Influencer and Contributor in HR

Dr. Deepak Malhotra

People will start listening to you and follow you if you contribute in their lives. As the indicator showing how influential you are being dictated by the community that follows you and in this case not you who decides you are an influencer. The more people are with you, the stronger your position would be.

I have listed down steps toward being an effective contributor. Like any leadership skill, it is a journey and needs to be achieved on daily basis and not in a day. Let us look at the list which may help you: –

  • Find your forte in human resources. Something you relate to, something you are interested-in. Be a subject matter expert in it.
  • Pick you channel on So Me. Based on your content, reach and ability to continuously update choose channels.
  • Content strategy is priority. List down why should I follow you or what’s your follower’s definition of ‘ideal mentor’.
  • Create a value.
  • Prepare, prepare for next few weeks and then start.
  • Continual winners are consistent. Message you wish to pass is the key, but look for some new way always. Surprise your followers.
  • Network with people. Exchange ideas with people, market leaders in your forte. If it is engagement, then look for engagement experts across the globe. Get them to be involved and contribute. Sometimes listening is important and so is taking a back seat.
  • Now you have built your community, it’s time to promote yourself. Yes, sometimes you need to tell the world, how important are you…
  • Grow by providing value. Just stay and shine.
  • Participate in off-site forums. Discuss things on-line and off-line. Every discussion increases numbers of followers you have…
  • Create a website or blog. Don’t be an influencer without a cause.
  • Interestingly but importantly you have to stay ahead of time. When writing pick up as evergreen topic as you can. Stay informed and share too.
  • Stay authentic. Stick to your brand voice.
  • Respond to comments and people. Stay away from trolls or haters.
  • Listen to feet forward. When criticised do not get into a shell and be defensive. It is not about dictating but creating a moment.
  • Accessible
  • Automate – It’s easy and makes life so comfortable.
  • Influencer marketing is the latest trend in digital marketing. You must be able to quantify your audiences. We all are influencers today, but we weren’t always. Everyone starts with square one…

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