The Employee Who Resigns Should Be Made The Company’s BRAND AMBASSADOR

Bhavesh Upadhyay

There is a saying, “When in need, people do whatever is called for.” This saying holds true for majority of leaders and the management. When the employee holds crucial importance to them, they hold him in high esteem. He is taken care of in multiple ways. He is given ample respect, thick pay package and lot of incentives are also given. Not only that, his family is treated as the company’s responsibility. The boss takes personal interest in the matters of an outstanding employee, beginning from his children’s education and future planning, every matter holds due importance and he is given appropriate guidance and offered help.

But the moment the employee tenders his resignation, the behavior of his boss immediately changes. Initially, by all means, the organization tries to convince the employee to take his decision back. He is given attractive offers and is tempted to stay back. He is given promises for a bright future in the organization. But still if the employee stays firm, stays unperturbed by all the temptations, and is adamant to leave the job, then the behavior of the boss and management changes drastically. The employee who was all important and the company’s favorite, suddenly becomes an out-caste. The behavior of the entire management towards him changes. He is systematically avoided and kept away from important meetings taking place in office. He is kept away from important information and topics pertaining to the company. He is watched upon with suspicion. This cannot be generalized but in most cases, this holds true. Whether the company is small or big, Indian or Multinational, the mentality and approach remains the same, by and large.

Why does this happen? Isn’t it time we change our mentality and approach? Isn’t it important that the employee who leaves the company, should go respectfully and rightfully so? It is high time we change our mind set and behavioral approach. It should be an agenda of the company that the employee who resigns, should leave talking respectfully about his workplace and should become the propagator of the company in future. The company spends enormously to build and maintain its image. Instead, if it sees that the employee who resigns is given due respect, then that employee can become your brand ambassador in real sense.
There are companies who do respectful and cordial behavior with the employee who is resigning.
A few examples are as follows:

The CEO of Deloitte, a renowned company in the financial field, calls its outstanding and able employees to have one on one talk with him, before they leave the company. Their performance is appreciated and they are endowed with gifts as souvenirs, and till the last day, they are taken care of with utmost respect and made comfortable.

At Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai, for employees who wish to resign, there is a counsel corner. Whereby the HR department officials and a few select officials of the institution meet the employees who wish to resign and who have resigned. They try to gauge their situations with utmost understanding and try to solve their matters as far as possible. The end result may not be that all employees who wish to resign, stay back due to such sincere efforts made by these select officials, but it undoubtedly generates respect about the institution in that employee’s mind which gets ingrained forever. There is another organization where the Department Head is held responsible if due to some reason any employee resigns from the company. The increment of the Department Head’s salary is linked to the retention of its employees.
Lot of corporate houses have come up with the idea of setting up clubs for its past employees. On special occasions such as festivals, these employees get together with the CEO of the company. Variety of programmes are organized.

In many companies, when an employee comes in, he is welcomed with an entry kit, and while he leaves, he is handed over an ‘exit’ kit as a special gesture so that he doesn’t have to face any inconvenience. In the exit kit, the transfer procedure of provident fund, and all relative information, along with information related to the concerned people, if required, of the company is provided in the kit.

If company wants to really focus on their brand image then leaving employees should become theirs first brand ambassadors.

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