A global senior corporate professional worked in various global corporations currently working in Reliance Industries Mumbai as a Senior Vice President – Learning and Develpment Apart from a corporate professional Dr. Sajeev Nair is the Chief Mentor at International Institute of Management and Technical Studies, Ahmedabad, a director, choreographer, theatre professional, classical dancer and a multi talented cultural and art lover. Dr. Sajeev is a disciple of Natanakalanidhi, Natyakalachakravarthi Dr. Guru Gopinath, a famous legend in the history of Indian Classical Dance. Dr. Sajeev learned Kathakali from Kalamandalam Balasubramanian and learned Bharatanatyam from famous Natuvan Paramashivam Master.

He has performed more than 600 stages along with Gurugopinath. He has directed and choreographed many dance dramas in India and abroad. He has received many awards and recognition from various authorities which includes State Award in Classical dance, Kalaprathibha in University Festival, Best Actor and Best Director in many events. In the year 2018,He has received “Keralanatana Saparya ”Award from Department of culture government of Kerala based on his immense contribution in Indian Classical Theatre and “Best Actor” Award in All India Drama Competition organized by Vaakdevatha, Pune.


Aniruddha Panchal

Aniruddha Panchal is a Vice President- Human Resouirce of Hubar Group- A German MNC in Gujarat. Apart from his extensive achievements in HR profession, Aniruddha is an avid singer. His range of singing is very wide and has also performed in many forums and programs as a professional singer. Aniruddha , with all his hectic professional engagements , is very active on virtual singing platform to pursue his passion and is a role model for those who compromise on their passion for their profession . IIMT Studies is proud to have such versatile person on it’s Hon. Executive Advisory Board.

Ranjit Pandya

Ranjit Pandya is a seasoned Human Resource professional . Ranjit has a bouquet of talents, apart from his expertise in dealing with complex strategic functions. Ranjit’s sense of humour makes him popular and with his wit, he wins heart of people around him. Moreover he is very hands on, in instrumental music and when his fingers are on key board, he creates a magical music . It’s a sheer joy to listen to songs on mouth organ by Ranjit . IIMT Studies had a privilege to have Ranjit for expert lectures couple of times.

Aakash Thakur

Aakash Thakur heads Business HR Function of a very renowned Aarati Industries Ltd. Gujarat. He also possesses rich international experience of HR Functions. Aakash, a charming guy from mountains of Himachal has a silky soothing voice. His mesmerising voice holds audience for hours together. Hearing Aakash singing sufi songs is a divine feel and when his son Bunny accompanies him, it’s just a heavenly experience. Coincidently Aakash is one more IIMT’s Hon Executive Advisory Board member with versatility.

Haresh Chaturvedi

Haresh Chaturvedi has time for everything he is passionate about. Apart from the work that keeps him engaged at Reliance’s largest upcoming project at Dahej, he manages his time well for HR@KITLI which is close to his heart, goes to professional forums as speaker and panel member and also ensures that he purse his passion of graphology and hypnosis….. Haresh has proven one thing..:” If you have will have a Way “


Sunil Bhatt

Sunil sets an example of how you can pursue your passion along with your profession amongst all hectic schedule. He is having all professional priorities – Chairman of HR Forum BDMA, Vice President- DIA, Head- HR, Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited ensures that he spares enough time for dance, music and his family. Here is a pic of his performance on a famous Bollywood number in a public function.

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