Message From President HR & Strategic Affairs

“ HRishta  is an unique noble initiative by IIMT Studies to create a bridge of knowledge between young budding professionals and senior top notch corporate professionals. The idea was conceived ,  with a thought during the discussion amongst our senior leadership team at IIMT Studies , to create a knowledge sharing platform wherein the senior professionals with proven track record share their experience, expertise with young professionals. We shared this idea with our Senior Advisory Board of Corporate Leaders and they suggested to launch an e magazine.  Within no time , the idea was given a concrete shape and to our pleasant surprise, amongst all their priorities and engagement 25 top notch professionals of top Indian Corporates have shared their experience through their articles .  For IIMT Studies , it’s a matter of pride to see the impact created by HRishta amongst young professionals. The feedback indicates that  the first issue of HRishta has shortened the learning curve of 4.00 lacs of young professionals across the globe & the credit goes to 25  seasoned professionals who have shared their expertise & experience through HRishta.  We now look forward to expand horizons of HRishta and would request some of the renowned international professionals to join us in this noble cause.”


Atul Pandya,

President HR & Strategic Affairs, IIMT Studies


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