“The Bold – The Beautiful – The Brainy”

Priyanka Gupta

Head – Business Development

International Institute of Management and Technical Studies


A pre-define life orbit of Indian women start from her birth with regret full wishes of relatives to her parents “Koi nai ghar may Laxmi aai hai” (don’t worry, goddess Laxmi has arrived) followed by her school going if she is lucky enough to get educated parents who understand the importance of learning, yet, considering her marriage as life time achievement award she has been given less privilege to get admit into top school as amount of investment on “Paraya Dhan” will not be giving any return. Moving a step ahead her start of menstrual cycle make her illegible and a high prospect to be a good bride, it’s a time where she has to give her priority to her marriage instead of any other dream. Marriage makes her a perfect “Sanskari Bahu” for society who will be giving birth to a boy in next one year, if not boy then once again “Koi nai ghar may Laxmi aai hai”.

To count a few – Bold Beauties showed enough courage to break the stereotype pattern of  Indian women’s define life and unfolded themselves to become a change they want to see in India. I am sure we all know the name of luminaries such as Indu Jain, Kiran Majumdar, Indra Nooyi, Chanda Kochhar but very few of us know about Richa Kar, who boldly talked about the women’s body and importance of it maintenance with the platform of her foundation Zivame (Online Retailer). How many of us know about Aditi Gupta, who beautifully carried her words to educate Indian society about menstrual health & hygiene through her brain child Menstrupedia and how many of us know about Sairee Chahal who Brainily inspiring & supporting Indian women’s to find job who had left their career option behind for social responsibilities (such as raising families) with the help of her foundation Sheroes. I also salute to Falguni Nayar who selectively choose to take care of beauty & wellness of societies women via Naykaa.com because in India “Jo gori nai wo chori nai”. Though I had named few but beyond the shadow of doubts we will be seeing at least one Richa Kar, Aditi Gupta, Sairee Chahal or Falguni Nayar in every state, every town, every colonies and every women citizen of India. They are one of the odd ones & so do many.

No offence to admit gender diversity agendas of corporates are yet proving that in 76% organization there  is not enough women’s in top positions even though 89% of women’s want to take up leadership role. No no no……… you are sadly mistaking by thinking they must not be competent enough but the blame games are quite dirty for men and women both such as “It’s a girl advantage due to which she is getting that position, it’s easy for her to make upto top as she is a female, boss must be getting other benefits from her to promote her………….”

For Indian women entrepreneur’s success is all about feeling of happiness & satisfaction inside. They can do serious business in this modern world and be traditional at the same time. Tradition is our identity we need to stand by our identity we understand the responsibility of raising the society is on our shoulders yet we believe in sharping the edge of entrepreneurs skills which we have, allow us to break the rules allow us to break the chain and let us be a FACE OF CHANGE.

As a nation let’s witness a shift in women’s status by encouraging her all the time entrepreneur skill.

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